Saturday, August 21, 2010

Turkey- Gallipoli, Troy, Pergamum, Selcuk & Ephesus

We left Istanbul at 6.30am for the 4 or so hour drive in to Gallipoli. Some how we both managers to sleep for a fair bit of the trip!! Arrived in and then out to Gallipoli- was very sad but the actual location was beautiful! The beach was beautiful! All of the memorials were very well maintained and our guide was very informative.
We then overnighted at a place called tj's where we were in a terrible room, the hostel was humongous and we managed to be staying in a noisy, no fan, no air cond room- needless to say we had the worst sleep of our trip! Including planes and overnight buses!!! The next day we had a trip out to Troy- the story was interesting but the ruins were hard to imagine and also needed a lot more excavating.

We went from Troy on to Pergamum which was amazing! Very well excavated and quiet. We were impressed- then went to a Turkish carpet making place and had some Turkish red wine. It was OK.

After this the bus took us to Selcuk. the hotel is amazingly cute!!!

Had some dinner there which was lovely homemade Turkish meal - maybe the best meal we have had since we have been away!! It was about 6 different things, stuffed capsicum, soup, meatballs etc. really good!! The following morning we went to Ephesus ruins - this was a massive city 2000+ years ago!

It was cool wandering around, then went to the house where they think they virgin Mary last loved.. we didn't spend much time there... we decided not to drink the holy water, didnt want to burst into flames. Apparently they get millions of pilgrims come through daily. After the tour was over we spent some time drinking beers followed by sunset wines and then had some Turkish Sandwiches for dinner - a pretty early night!

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