Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pamukkale & Cappadocia

Pamukkale is a place where there are many ledges of natural pools which have over time overflowed and created this amazing white cliffed, blue pool effect. Water is not naturally running down them any more so they have a watering type system so that the pools can still be waded/laid in and to keep the calcium deposits forming. The weather was over 40 and the water in the pools would have been at least 30 degrees but it was fun sloshing around in the mud and covering ourselves in it.

At the very top there is an Ancient Roman Pool which contains natural mineral water (like soda water) in the pool there are various marble columns etc. that fell in during an earthquake a few hundred years ago. The water was 37 degrees so it wasn't refreshing but once we had been in there for a while it started to become quite relaxing. Lots of people were filling up water bottles to take home with both the mud and the mineral water as apparently it has a lot of healing and health benefits. We drank some of the water but it wasn't very nice... it did feel nice when it bubbled on your skin though!

After a day in the pools and the mud we had an overnight bus to Goreme in Cappadocia where they have "Fairy Chimneys" the bus arrived in late and we literally got off the overnight bus and on to a tour bus to take us around that had already been booked. It was interesting to think people lived in the houses in the rocks for so many years - some of them where still lived in until the 60's! Our hostel had some trouble with our room so we ended up in this massive family room with 2 fold out sofa beds, a set of bunks, a mattress on the floor and another single bed and a kitchen?! we think it might be someones house in the low season - our room is also mainly made of rock - the photos wont do it justice!

Day two was another tour which included seeing even more rock houses/churches/monasteries etc. and an underground city which was a couple of thousand years old. The ancient Romans/Greeks were so clever!! Lots of nice people staying at our hostel which is nice :) Last day today we have spent hanging out by the pool, lazying around after too many days straight on tours!! Tonight at 10pm we have an overnight bus to Olympos where we are staying in a tree house and then have 3 nights on the Blue Cruise.. excited for some relaxing :)

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