Saturday, August 28, 2010

Olympos to Fehtiye – Blue Cruise

Olympos was our first experience of Mediterranean beaches – very rocky, covered in people and amazingly clear waters!! The water was refreshing compared to the 40+ weather, but the rocks were steaming hot!! We took the waterproof camera to capture some underwater moments but it actually broke while we were in the water.. whoops! It’s had a good couple of years though!

Our thong tans in the sea 
Olympos Beach

 The hotel we stayed at was all little bungalows and wooden tree houses, we were happy to spend the night in air conditioned comfort. Hostel included dinner, so we ate  there and found a group of 4 New Zealanders and an Aussie couple who were also going on the cruise, so we requested to all be on the same boat, which turned out great! 
Our Boat
 The boat trip was great! The cabins were very basic and we were told straight up that everyone sleeps on the deck (no air-con and smelled a bit like a boat down there anyway!). First day was nice cruising around and swimming in little sections. First night on the boat was very warm but enjoyed sleeping on the deck! Second day we stopped in at a little town called Kas, very cute. We could have stayed there for a night it was very lovely! 
The next night on the boat was through some rough seas and Rory was up spewing around 6am, another girl was sick too and it was very rough – no one enjoyed that nights sleep or the morning ride to the next stop over! The following day we didnt move around much and was mostly spent at one spot, we did some swimming etc. And then celebrated one of the girl on the boats birthday in the afternoon/evening with a few bottles of wine – had a good sleep that night!
Rory swimming

6 Lira wine = $4 or less.. actually not bad..
Sunsets from the Boat
Aussie and Kiwi Crew :)
Last day on the boat was pretty boring and we were very happy to arrive in to our last stop, Fehtiye. All in all it was a great cruise and a met a great bunch of people. For anyone coming to Turkey on the cheap we would highly recommend! 
Rory in Fehtiye
Booked our tickets from Rhodes to Santorini for the following day and spent the whole next day either on a ferry, waiting for a ferry or thinking about ferries!! But the 6 hour ride was actually pretty good, very good boat- better than the spirit of Tas and much calmer sea!! Had a nap and arrived in to Santorini around 1am!! Santorini updates to come!

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