Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cambodia - Sihanoukville

So after a couple of day in chaotic Phnom Penh we were ready for a sea change! 5 hours on the bus later we arrived in to Sihanoukville! Lindsay- our American buddy had come along with us and stayed at one of the $6 a night bungalows 2 doors down from our $25 hotel with pool and aircond! The weather our first couple of days was very wet season - it poured the first night and was pretty overcast and drizzly but hot for the next day. The beach was full of Cambodian tourists and lots of children "you wann bracelet" - we learnt a new line from them - "Open your heart and open your wallet".. it was sad that they were not at school. Food was much cheaper than Phnom Penh and it was so so much quieter in the main strip we were staying as it was mainly other budget hotels. We went out for happy hour 50c beers, $1.50 cocktails and decided to check out the "free vodka bar" lets just say we don't remember much after that and were both very happy to wake up and find out that we had not lost anything and got home safe - both felt very hungover the next day! Lahni and Eleanor our friends from home arrived in late on our hungover day - it was good to spend a couple of days with them by the beach and they brought the sun!! Maybe too much sun! We got pretty burnt by the pool the first day and second day did a cruise out to Koh Rong Saloem which is where Eleanor will be living for the next month for her volunteer work. It was very beautiful out there - seriously one of the nicest beaches i have ever seen! crystal clear water and clean white sand! We went out to a traditional Khmer restaurant that set us back $5 each for WAY too much food - we were the only whiteys in the place and it was packed - food was great! The rest of our time in Sihanoukville was spent being lazy, drinking beer and hanging with the girlie's - a good relaxing time!

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