Thursday, October 7, 2010


The overnight train from Budapest got in at 3.30am.. We were lucky enough that we were able to go to the hostel/hotel but we couldn't check in until 2.30pm. The woman working the reception desk wasn't very nice and told us we were allowed to SIT on the couches but we couldn't LAY and sleep on them.. We managed to all get some rest and they let us in to our room around 9.30am!
We then went for a wander to the old town square and to the Charles Bridge. Prague has really taken advantage of the tourism market, lots of overpriced things in the old town square but it is very beautiful!!

The weather had drastically changed from Budapest where we were wearing shorts to needing jumpers and me investing in a pair of boots. Carly Rory and I did a bike tour which covered some of the other side of the bridge, lots of art work, the John Lennon Wall and lots of historical buildings- it started raining so we were lucky enough to get to wear some trendy ponchos.. It was a good laugh!
Poncho's at John Lennon Wall

Such good Cyclists
Had a delicious lunch at Bohemia Bagel and then a quiet afternoon before heading out on Prague Pub Crawl- had a great night out! Really enjoyed the pub crawl- it included free sangria, wine, beer and shots of cocktail mix (which wasn't as bad as we imagined it would be) and Rory and I only paid for one more drink during the night!
Preview of how good the pub crawl was...
The next day we were all a little behind the 8 ball.. Woke up late and then went out for lunch a very lazy day!
The following day we got all of our train tickets sorted and went to the shopping centre for a look around- the weather was really wet and cold so we couldn't spend much time outside, we then had a BEAUTIFUL dinner at a place down the road from our hotel. Everything was lovely and the meals were cheap too, under $30 for both of us and drinks!
The next day the girls left us and Rory and I headed over the other side of the bridge- once again fantastic view and really cute buildings and streets! We went to a Traditional Czech restaurant for dinner and then packed up ready to leave for Munich in the morning!
View of the City

Cute walkways

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