Thursday, October 7, 2010


Woo hoo!!
We loved Oktoberfest and spending time with Lauren and Andy!
We got in to Munich around 4pm and checked in to the hotel etc before going for a little wander around the area and then meeting Lauren and Andy and going in to Oktoberfest!
It took us over an hour to find somewhere to sit and get a beer but it was good fun finding somewhere anyway as we were soaking up the sights, so much to take in!
First Beers

First Beers (Looking excited!)
Rory and I drank 1.5 litres of beer each and we then went on a spinny chair ride to get a night view over the grounds! So much fun! They stopped serving drinks so we headed home excited for the next days adventure!!
Fun ride

Night Views of Oktoberfest
Woke up and wandered in to the main shopping area and had some breakfast before heading in to Oktoberfest- we managed to get a beer each at Hofbrau house and then got a seat outside and continued drinking, singing and ate a couple of different foods- chicken,gerkins, some doughnut things!
Inside Hofbrau Haus

2 beers in
We remember buying 3 litres of beer but there are a couple of hours un-accounted for so we figure we would have bought another each in that time!
Had a really great day and sent ourselves home around 8.30pm!! Hahaha!
Loved it!
Didn't love waking up at 7am to be sick.. But luckily all was good and settled by the time we had to catch the train to Amsterdam at 9.55am! Such a good couple of days- we would head back again!

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