Thursday, October 7, 2010


After 6 hours of trains we arrived in Amsterdam... still feeling the effects of Oktoberfest. We climbed 4 sets of steep stairs to get to our room and then went and had some dinner and went for a wander through the Red Light District. We then caught a train out to Harleem to meet up with Cal and Ilse - someone in Ilse's appartment block was having a party! So good to see Cal!! His girlfriend is from Holland and lives in a great spot just out of Harleem - she rents two appartments next to a school for 140 euro a month! Bargain!! Such a great area too! ended up having a sleep over there!

We made our way back to Amsterdam feeling a bit slow and then met up with Lauren and Andy! It was so nice to have so many friends in the same place at the same time!
Saturday night Cal, Ilse, Rory and I drank some wine before heading out for all you can eat ribs and then on for a couple of drinkies! We met up with Lauren and Andy again and then Lisa, Clare and Lauren, Had a really nice night out!
Ilse, Cal & Rory

Following day we went for a wander through the city and made our way to the iAmsterdam sign - felt a bit sorry for ourselves still so we went back for afternoon naps, had a small rest before meeting up with Cal again and then Lauren and Andy and then farewelled them all :(
Rory on the A

Lauren and I Clogging it

Friends <3

Bye Friends :(

Caught up with Lisa, Lauren and Clare again and headed to the flower markets and then continued on to some other markets, had a great lunch with the girls before spending some time with them in a cute little cafe and then eating some space cake.

Rory and I then checked out the Sex Museum before heading out to a soul food place with Carly and Cat - last dinner with our travel crew! Really good though!
Bye Guys :(


Our last day in Amsterdam we headed to Anne Franks House, very interesting and sad - so glad we managed to get in- by the time we left the line to get in was around the corner!
Loved Amsterdam so very much - We think it is one of our favourite places so far and could have stayed for longer!

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