Thursday, September 16, 2010

Veliko Tarnovo & Varna

We arrived in to Veliko Tarnovo around 6pm - much prettier city than Sofia with lots of mountains and windy streets. We also travelled with another Australian Couple Jamie and Suzy- it was good to have some extra company for a few days- we had been with them in Sofia too. We decided to head out with everyone from the Hostel to find somewhere to drink as it was Friday night, the town was very quiet- apparently once Uni is back 50,000 students live there and its a lots more lively and fun but either way we ended up in a bar and got some $3 Mohitos and then got home around 2am- good night!
Next morning we went for a wander around Tsarevets Fortress which is a Medieval type castle.
Tsarevets Fortress
Tsarevets Fortress
We then wandered around the city taking in the sights and sounds before heading to a recommended restaurant for lunch - it was SO BUSY!!! Food was nice VERY rich and cheap for the serving sizes and quality.
Jamie and Suzy and Lunch
We then got a couple of bottles of red and ended up having a drunken last night in Veliko ready for our bus ride to Varna the next day! Spent the following day wandering around the Old Street in to Town and then around the city before lunch and heading to the bus stop to go to Varna.
Streets of Veliko
We got in to Varna about 8pm - both pretty run down from our red wine night the night before and got told as soon as we arrived in that there was a pub crawl on that night and there wouldn't be another event until Sunday so we should come along.. we quickly snazzied ourselves up and then headed out on a Golden Sands Pub Crawl. There would have been around 200 people in the Pub Crawl - apparently in summer they would usually have at least 400 and up to 700! The clubs were all really big and a we got a free drink at each place - ended up quiet drunk and got home about 2am (way before everyone else as we were still worn out from the days before!) Unfortunately my camera battery died so no piccys from the pub crawl guys :(
One & only Pub Crawl Photo
Our only whole day in Varna was spent booking bus tickets and wandering around the city. The City is on the Black Sea Coast - very pretty and busy with lots of mums and kids and oldies soaking up the sunshine and wandering around- it was also a bit like Glenelg i suppose.
Varna City
Varna Coast
We decided to get a bottle of red and have a quiet night in BUT it turned in to a very drunk, drinking games filled night where we got to bed at 3am and had to leave at 9am!! Not so fun for Travelling but we managed our 2 x 3 hour mini bus rides and two underground rides and 4.5 hour train ride and are safe in Brasov, Romania - ready for a couple of days detox!!!

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