Monday, September 6, 2010


Ferry from Santorini to Ios was pretty quick - only took about 45 mins and we got picked up from the port which was good!
The hotel is great value for 25 euro a night, its got a view of the town and is still very easy walking distance from the pubs/bars and not bad walk to the beach.
We caught up with a friend from home who I hadnt seen for a couple of years - Carly, who we had arranged to stay at the same hotel as.
Balcony Views/Beers

First day went for a bit of a wander around the city and then had some afternoon beers on our balcony before walking down to Far Out Beach Club - which is on the beach and the most popular hostel/camping.
Ios Sunset on our Walk to Far Out
Drunken Hammock Times
We were already fairly drunk and caught a bus back home by midnight. We got late night gyros and apparently a nutella crepe which i have no recollection of and then woke up various times during the night feeling like my heart was pumping so much from all the sugar in the cocktails we had!!
Second day we went for a wander to go to Far Out Beach but ended up at this very secluded beautiful little beach about 30 mins walk from the main road - the walk was through all sorts of rocks etc. but the beach waiting for us at the end was worth it - very beautiful!
Secluded little beach
Rory taking a dip
We decided we would attepmt night two out by having an afternoon nap and then heading out around 8.30ish for dinner and which turned in to eating around 9.30ish and then drinks at about 11.30.. we were all completely buggered and decided to kick it in and go home about 1ish... hahahaha!!
Ios Alleys

Cute little bar

We did all try the bars trademark drink though a flaming lamborgini- a drink with 4 shots (appeared to be Sambuca, Schnapps, Vodka and something else) which then got lit of fire and then handed a straw to scull it all up chased with a beer or strawberry dacquri.. 5 Euro and totally worth it but they still didnt keep up out!!
Flaming Lamborgini

Last day night in Ios. Had a lazy morning and then finally made our way down to far out for some beach time - they had free umbrellas and sunbeds which was good so we hung out there for a couple of hours.
Far Out Beach
Far Our Road Views

Came back to the hotel and had some pool time before attempting (unsucessfully an afternoon nap) night out number 3... so we had dinner late... then sat on the balcony and then decided that we had already had a lovely enough day and were enjoying the evening drinks on the balcony enough not to head to a cheesy bar and listening to bad music!
We farewelled Carly in the morning and now off to Athens..

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