Monday, September 20, 2010

Brasov, Romania

After an exhausting day of travelling we got in to the Hostel at around 10pm, totally buggered we had an early night and then a restful morning before heading to Bran Castle (which is apparently where Dracula stayed once) the castle was very pretty, all of county side here is very green and the city is full of old buildings, flowers and little alleys to walk down - it feels very safe - we haven't seen many gypsies at all!
Bran Castle
Bran Castle
After our day trip to the Castle we wandered around the city before heading to a Traditional Romanian restaurant for dinner. We asked what the most traditional dishes were and went with it. First we had a free serve of Pork Crackling.. well we think that's what it was - either way it was delicious! Rory ordered a traditional Stew which was cooked with bread on top - it was very hearty and full of flavour. I tried the Cabbage Rolls with Polenta - VERY delicious! We decided we would share the traditional desert which was worded as a dumpling with sweet cheese and fruit sauce - it was a bit like a doughnut with a cream cheese/custard and jam- also delightful!
Rory's Dinner


The whole dinner cost of us $20 and we had left a tip - we were totally impressed!! Still no alcohol though - day two of alcohol free days!! (please don't think we have been drunk every day- that was just Bulgaria it was way too expensive everywhere else!)
We woke up the next day and went for an adventure to the train station to book our overnight train to Budapest and then spent the afternoon wandering around the city and people watching.

We had a very relaxing day and then had a dinner date at a Romanian Pub with a nice traditional band playing- it was a nice date night :)
The next day we headed to a Traditional Romanian Folk/Medieval festival which was at another one of the Castles in Rasnov. It was very interesting watching everyone dressed up - nothing was in English and there were not very many international tourists!
Chimney Bread Treat

We attempted to buy some drinks except no one had change for $100 Lei note (which is about $35) so we had to wait for people to start buying up!! eventually we got some lunch from a restaurant which was right near the site and then came back and met some people from the Hostel.

Various Medieval items on display

We watching some jousting and saw a horse run in the crowd and nearly bowl over some kids (luckily the dad got them out of the road in time) and then sat down and had some homemade red wine and a couple of drinks.. The wine was quite good until we started to think about if it had been made with feet.. hahaha! It was $2.50 per litre and actually pretty tasty! After our wine and some snacks we headed back to the city - had Pizza for dinner at an Irish Pub and then came back to the hostel and played some drinking games. Really fun night! Romania has been really lovely - so many nice people, so cheap and very beautiful! So happy we decided to come this way!

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